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Serving Campbell River, North Vancouver Island and the Discovery Islands


The club is open to anyone interested in amateur radio and electronics.  


Our Purpose:

- Promote and enhance the enjoyment of amateur radio

- Maintain good relations between the amateur radio community and the general public.

Club Repeaters:

- 146.96 MHz - / 100Hz  - FM located on Mt. Menzies north of Campbell River

- 443.65 MHz + / 100Hz - FM located on Heriot Ridge Quadra Island

- 146.76 - /100 Hz - FM located at the Campbell River hospital

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 Contact: Erik Skovgaard (

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Updated 15Nov2022

  Campbell River Amateur Radio Society

- a RAC affiliated club



This web site is for the members and anyone wishing to see what we are about and what we are up to.  Please feel free to ask if you need further information.


Ham Radio is an international hobby

Members are in daily contact with other ham radio stations around the world.  Most of the conversations are in English.

You do not need to know Morse Code in order to get your ham radio certificate, but you must pass an exam covering radio regulations and some basic technical knowledge.

Our club runs courses regularly for those that prefer a classroom setting.  On-line courses are also available from Radio Amateurs of Canada (


Click here for propagation data

Something for Everyone

Amateur radio has many things to offer ranging from talking to local hams using a handheld radio or to the International Space Station to long-distance communication by bouncing signals off the ionosphere.  Perhaps using voice Morse Code or even pictures.

Both the technically challenged and electronic engineers use ham radio for entertainment, to keep in touch with friends or for provide information to authorities in case of emergencies.  There are always new things to learn for those needing intellectual stimulation.

As a ham radio operator you learn to communicate in an efficient accurate manner.


The club has a (semi-) formal meeting every month, except July and August.  Currently this is conducted over Zoom.

We meet for coffee at the A&W on Merecroft from about 09:30 until noon.

We're also on Facebook and Twitter

Next meeting December 8th at 19:00 via Zoom


It is with regret that we must announce that Dick Freeman VE7AHP

on October 26 has become a SK at the age of 96.

Dick was one of the founders of the club.  He will be missed.

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